February 22, 2019
What makes Nawar Hussein special is his unique ability to find the best investment properties, meaning those that are priced below fair market value and which are in good enough shape to make rehabilitation and renovation financially viable. Nawar Hussein has become a strong force in the Spanish real estate market for a reason. While he specializes in real estate investments in the Barcelona and Girona regions, Nawar Hussein and his firm are now highly regarded as one of the best in the entire country. He works all over Spain, and he demonstrates a unique ability to find the best investment properties for each client's individual needs and goals.

If there is one thing clients should be aware of before they hire Nawar Hussein is that there are many reasons why he has such a strong reputation as a businessman and real estate investment advisor and there are many reasons for it. Nawar Hussein deals in both commercial and residential real estate properties, for many purposes. He deals with residential homes, multi-family properties, retail, manufacturing and office space, among many others, and he has enough experience with all of them to be able to anticipate anything.